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3g 4g Wifi Routers


Best 3G 4G Wifi Routers

Shenzhen Befirst Electronic Technology Co., Limited is a leading 3g 4g wifi routers supplier based in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China. We specialize in the production of several kinds of consumer electronics items like PC accessories and AirPods.

BeFirst’s 3G and 4G Routers allow users to share a 3G or 3.75G broadband connection with family and friends on the train, at the hotel, while camping, or nearly anywhere within 3G/ 3.75G range. By connecting a UMTS/ EVDO USB modem to the router, a Wi-Fi hotspot is instantly created.

Compatibility is considered as a crucial aspect to consider when you are buying a 3G/4G router. To ensure the best compatibility, BeFirst’s routers have made sure that our 3G 4G wifi routers are compatible with the relevant ISPs in the regions in which they are sold. We have a professional staff that continually tests our routers with newly manufactured modems to make sure that our clients can feel confident that their routers will function flawlessly where they work and live.

High Quality 3G 4G Wifi Routers

To shield user’s Wi-Fi networks, WEP encryption does not consider strong enough now. We provide WPA/WPA2 encryptions (both enterprise and personal), promoting security and interpretability for WLAN, to protect against any threat from intruders. Users can pick up their wireless network’s signal at far-flung distances from the router. This helps clients a high degree of flexibility when users are setting up the systems by considering connection costs and downtime length.

The upcoming generation of Wi-Fi networks is causing immense anticipation among the tech industry. Due to being a game-changer later in the future, we promise that our WiFi routers will increase the performance and reliability of your wireless networks. As a prominent manufacturer of 3g 4g wifi routers, we have been building Wifi support into existing Wi-Fi routers, in the hope of enhanced performance of our products.

Our relatively low raw material costs along with high speed automated manufacturing processes result in competitive unit costs. We know the exact composition of your network for quality assurance; that’s why we checkmark customer satisfaction with zero defects and zero complaints as the quality objective.

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